Be a Conservation Hero
Society members are the basis of our work, without them we can’t achieve our ambitions, your support us through your subscription to our membership program, help us maintain the turtles of various kinds and protect their breeds from the threat of extinction in Jordan and the world, and support our research studies and projects programs, in addition to creating job opportunities for local communities in economic and social projects, and contribute to the sustainable and comprehensive development.

JSCT strives to advocate a better quality of life for threatened species & nature, through saving areas, protecting species in their environment and assuring sustainability. Its strategy revolves around four fundamental blocks for promoting sustainable development:
1.    Sites & Habitats
2.    Species
3.    People
4.    Sustainability

Your membership to JSCT gives you the opportunity to achieve the following:

•    To make an effective change.
•    To gain more information about Turtles species and their environment in Jordan, Regionally and internationally.
•    To participate in our activities effectively.
•    To get a clearer idea of the environment problems & Issues.

Membership Benefits

•    Make a difference within your contribution to save Jordan biodiversity species and natural heritage for you, your children and coming generations.
•    Get a membership ID card and enjoy its full franchises.
•    Keep in touch by providing you with latest news and information about JSCT, its activities, programs and studies about turtles.

Membership Fees

1.    Students Membership (20 Years and up) : 5 JDs (7 $) per year
2.    Individual Membership : 25 JDs (35 $) per year – 35 JDs (50 $) for the first year.
3.    Public & Private Institutions Membership : 150 JDs (211 $) per year – 200 JDs (282 $) for the first year.