As part of our establishment as JSCT, we created our logo, in 2012

How did we approach the creation of the logo?
From the outset, we wanted to portray our exciting vision for the future while paying tribute to our rich present. To that end, we explored many different typefaces and did research into other contemporary logo designs. We also knew I wanted to use various colors for continuity and tradition. However we have chosen the grey to convey the excitement and  of a new day for the generations to come.


The circle is a key element of the logo. What message we want it to convey?

The two circle represent a number of things. They stand for wholeness and coherence, and it represents our planet and the cycles of nature .The circle also speaks to movement and process, which reminds us that wellness is a journey, not a destination.
You’ll also notice that in the logo, some of the words are inside the outer circle and some are inside the inner, which   speak to the integration of two main sectors that may cooperate towards the conservation of the Wildlife; private and public sectors. 


Presentations in the logo 
THE TURTLE: Presenting Field of Our Society Interest
THE HAND: Means Care, Welfare & Humanity
THE STAR: It's Special Sign of Our Country Jordan & It Presents Our Unique Special Role In Turtles Protection Mission Globally
THE COLORS of the Turtle : We Have Chosen to Include Jordan Flag Colors for The Turtle To Show Jordan Care For Turtles & Following Them Along Oceans & The Whole Earth Planet ...
MOSAIC ART: Showing Clearly Inside Turtle Body & It's One of Unique Arts Which is Characterized By Jordan.